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Managed Security Services
Professional Security Services
Risk Mitigation Services

Managed Security Solutions

Now that security is at the top of the mind for all companies in the world, the demand for talented security engineers is at an all time high. However, there are not enough resources to go around for everyone. Our Managed Security Services help you scale your security team and bridge the gap in your security defenses.

Our Capabilities:

  • Governance Risk & Compliance as a Service (GRCaaS)
  • Vendor Risk Management as a Service (VRMaaS)
  • Vulnerability Life Cycle Management as Service (VLMaaS)
  • Security Log Management
  • 7×24 Security Event Monitoring​
  • Security Analytics & Investigations
  • Virtual CISO Advisory Services (vCISO)
  • Security Device Management
  • Managed Security Intelligence


  • Make informed decisions with better security metrics
  • Effectively monitor your security environment 7x24x365
  • Detect and respond to security events in real-time
  • Automate the Compliance and Risk Management Process
  • Maximize your security technology investment

Professional Security Services

The VIP Cyber Defense team is comprised of highly trained and experienced security professionals that are dedicated to providing comprehensive approaches to organizational security. Our approach allows our clients to make informed decisions about their information security programs and effectively, “secure what matters the most.”​​

To stay ahead of the curve of threats and provide the highest level of service to our customers… All VIP Cyber Defense engineers are required to have met a baseline of standards in order to perform work in the Information Security field. In addition, our security engineers are experienced with more than 8 years prior to joining the team.

Our Capabilities:

  • Security Program Assessments
  • Internal & External Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Assessments
  • Security Compromise Assessments
  • Application Code Reviews & Assessments​
  • Red Team & Social Engineering Assessments
  • Wireless Assessments & Penetration Testing)
  • Risk & Compliance Assessments
  • Policy & Standards Development
  • Process Automation

Risk-Based Recommendations​​
As vulnerabilities, threats and risks are identified and interpreted, based on the likelihood and impact of a breach, professional services advise clients on both short-term remediation and long-term strategic planning, to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of systems and data. Our recommendations to improve clients’ security posture and reduce risk take into account solutions that are practical and realistic, as well as the proper balance between prevention, detection and response measures.

Risk Mitigation Solutions

With literally thousands of security vendors on the market, choosing the right countermeasures can be daunting. We take a technological agnostic approach and carefully balance our recommendations between prevention, detection and best practices. All too often, we see organizations get buried in security technology and they forget about the best practices that provide a solid foundation for security to exist.

Our Capabilities:

  • Security Product Roadmap & Strategies
  • Reference Architecture & Design
  • Security Product Testing & Bake-Offs
  • Product as a Services (PaaS)
  • Security Device Management
  • Requirements Gathering & RFP Development
  • Product implementation and tuning
  • Project Management

It’s crucial to remember that complexity kills security everytime. Overly complex security systems that cannot be properly supported actually hinder your ability to detect and defend your network. Our consultants can help you build an effective defense-in-depth architecture that is manageable and cost effective.

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