Visibility into the IoT Blindspot

802 Secure’s wireless networking security experts to help you deploy or secure your enterprise wireless network.

Fortifying IT & OT Networks from IoT Risks

Cyber Physical Security through non-intrusive wireless monitoring and protection that provides IoT asset visibility and cyber protection for both IT and OT networks.

802 Secure was cited in the Gartner report, “OT Security Best Practices”, as an OT (Operational Technology) vendor for asset management and security monitoring.

Top 10 Shadow IoT Wireless Risks – Infographic

While IoT brings about new forms of communication, analytics, and automation; it’s also predominantly wirelessly enabled. 80% of IoT is wireless, using WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, LTE, and more. Therefore, IoT networks can operate autonomously from the enterprise network, many times never connecting to it. While organizations are focused on IoT rogues on the wired network, the majority of IoT is wireless and off the network. This combination of unknown and unmanaged IoT devices used by employees is known as Shadow IoT.

L33T vs. 1337

Watch as L33T vs. 1337 perform IoT hacks on one another

Rogue Cell Tower

Spy Camera

WiFi Hacking

Man in the Middle

IoT Backdoor

Drone Attack

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