Eliminate Waste in the cloud

How CloudAdmin Works?

CloudAdmin.io ingests users’ cloud data, and provides actionable insights to eliminate waste in the cloud. Within a few minutes, users have actionable insights which can be implemented to reduce waste.

CloudAdmin Advantages:

  • Visualize your bill, see where you spend it
  • Ability to query in real time on your bill
  • RI Planner: ability to see in near real time what RI’s would save you
  • RI Manager: ability to manage all of your RI’s and determine what will expire and when
  • Alerts: Setup alerts to get alerted with savings across a potential threshold
  • Weekly report on spend
  • Ability to search by tagging, as well see what the costs are of untagged resources

Increasing number of AWS Options

When AWS first launched, they had one instance type. Today there are over 350,000 different ways to purchase an AWS instance. Our platform gives you the best insights as to which options are best suited to your company needs.

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We are now grateful that CloudAdmin is constantly ingesting our data, and monitoring our cloud infrastructure in the background, and enjoy receiving the weekly reports on where we can cut costs.

RJ Jain

Founder / CEO / CTO at Price.com