Security Intelligence

Security intelligence enables faster detection and response times by positioning comprehensive, real-time intelligence at the center of your security processes, third-party risk management program, and brand protection strategy.

What Is Security Intelligence?

The security intelligence philosophy means leading with intelligence across threat prevention, third-party risk management, and brand protection strategies — these principles can either stand alone to streamline your efforts, or work in harmony to accelerate your risk reduction exponentially.

Why Security Intelligence?

Integrating intelligence into existing security programs can empower your team to act quickly and confidently. Download the new second edition of our popular book to make your move toward security intelligence.

Why Choose Recorded Future?

By leveraging a combination of machine and human analysis, we fuse open source, dark web, technical sources, and original research together to dynamically link and update intelligence in real time, creating outcomes that can be consumed by analysts and integrated with security systems to proactively reduce risk.

Threat Intelligence

is becoming a central component in the security strategies of many organizations. Our partner program is building a threat intelligence community dedicated to providing valuable solutions to customers and the markets that we serve.

Incident Response

Respond faster to incidents with rapid context around indicators integrated into your incident response or SOAR system.

Security Leadership

Incorporate threat intelligence into every security process to achieve measurable ROI by increasing security team efficiency and reducing risk.

Security Operations

Triage alerts faster and reduce alert fatigue with actionable context while alerting on threats in real time — all directly in your SIEM.

Threat Analysis

Access all available intelligence directly in our portal or integrated into your analysis tools for threat actor tracking, threat analysis, and TTP research.

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