Join us for a collaborative discussion on the new emerging Sonria cloud security Platform.

Join VIP Cyber Defense and Sonria Security for an exclusive “virtual” whiskey tasting event with Mammoth Distilling!

We will be featuring Mammoth spirits made using grains grown from Michigan farms and glacial water from Torch Lake aquifer of Northern Michigan that reflect the local character of the ingredients they use in every batch.

Here is what’s on the menu:

Woolly Bourbon: Is aged in new charred American white oak casks the rick house on the shores of beautiful Torch Lake.

Woolly Rye: Is blended in small batches to achieve a perfect balance of full-flavored rye grains, nutty-sweet malt, and bold American oak,  a perfect example of a Northern rye whiskey.

Northern Rye: Is matured in premium new and second-fill casks and shares more in common with traditional Old World whiskies and brandies. It’s patiently aged in cool climates, allowing for the development of unique aromas and flavors.

Register today so we can ship these bottles to your home well before the event!

Date: Thursday December 9th, 2021
Time: 4:30 PST

Registration is limited and by invite only, so reserve your spot today.
We look forward to you joining us – cheers!